GreenOrbit Intranet Analytics allows you to assess the entire user-journey of everyone who visits the intranet. It tracks information for different URLs within the site - be it subsites, pages, files or channels. 

The tool provides an insight on user behavior by providing information such as the;

  • number of visitors on the site, 
  • average visit duration or the amount spent by a user on the site, 
  • number of visits on specific pages, 
  • number of times a file was downloaded or viewed, 
  • the most accessed applications/areas within the site,
  • the devices used to access the intranet, 
  • location of the users,
  • and more. 

GreenOrbit makes use of the open source, web analytics tool Matomo to capture the data for analytics. It is secure and reliable with no data limits. It is also highly customizable and can be used to host analytics for both On-Premise and Cloud customers.

Initial Setup

The setup of Intranet Analytics is managed by the GreenOrbit support team. To request the setup, please email


Once you receive confirmation that your Intranet Analytics has been setup, you can login to view the 'Intranet Analytics Dashboard'.