How to access the GO Intranet Analytics dashboard

1. Login to GreenOrbit Admin as a Superuser.

2. Go to Utilities within Administration and click on Intranet Analytics Settings

3. Click on the link 'Go to your dashboard'


4. Login using the username and password (given by the Support team)

    (Note: If the config setting 'Authentication Token' value is set, then this will directly log the user in to the GO IA dashboard)



Customizing the GO Intranet Analytics dashboard

1. Once logged in, the user will be able to view the default dashboard. 

    Different widgets display the statistics based on various matrices. E.g.:- Visits Overview, Pages, Device type etc.


2. The horizontal menu items on the top allow users to customize their view within the dashboard.

        a) Users can choose the website (their intranet) for which they want to view the reports for


        b) Select the duration for which the reports should be displayed 


        c) Add new widgets on to the dashboard


3. Users can reposition the widgets using the four-pronged cursor. 

    Click on any widget and then 'drag n drop' to a different location. 

4. The vertical navigation allows users to view detailed reports of the site based on different matrices 

GO Intranet Analytics dashboard Administration

1. Users with Admin privileges can access IA Admin interface by clicking on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the IA dashboard


2. From the Admin interface, users can manage different settings for their Intranet Analytics dashboard using the items in the vertical navigation. For example,

         a) managing Personal settings such as changing the password 



        b) scheduling Email Reports


        c) viewing Activity Log 


        d) managing various Privacy settings such as allowing users to opt-out of GO Analytics, asking for user consent to track the data etc. 

3. An Administrator can manage the user accounts for the Intranet Analytics dashboard. These user accounts are setup with a specific role. The default roles available are No access, View, Write, Admin and Super User

(Note: Super Users are the Admin users who can configure new websites (client intranet) to allow viewing of their reports in the IA dashboard)