Workflows are created, edited and maintained in the Utilities section of The Admin of your intranet. 

Log into the Admin interface.

1. Select Utilities under Administration in the Application Explorer menu. Expand Workflow section and then select Edit Workflow. 

2. The List Workflow page will be displayed (as shown below). It gives you an overview of the workflows currently available within the system.      

List Workflow Features:

  • The Title is a descriptive name of the respective workflow.
  • The Items column displays the number of items where the workflow is currently applied. You can click on the number to view a report on the subsite, application and the item that is using the respective workflow.
  • The In Progress column allows you to view the number of items that are currently in an active workflow process. You can select the number to view a report on the subsite, applications and item using the respective workflow process.
  • The Last Modified column is the date the workflow was last modified or updated.
  • A Valid item is denoted by a green tick icon. When you are creating a new item and the process is interrupted and not successfully finished, that item will continue to appear in the respective list of items in the Edit list, but will be marked invalid - meaning this item cannot be used. In these instances, simply delete the item and restart the Add Workflow process. Invalid items will have the red cross icon displayed.
  • The Active column indicates whether the workflow is set to Active (green tick icon) or Inactive (red cross icon).