Log into the Admin interface.

1. Select Utilities under Administration in the Application Explorer menu. Expand Workflow section and then select Add Workflow. 

2. A new window will be initiated where you can provide the Title and Description for your workflow.These fields should reflect the purpose of the new workflow. After adding the details, click Create.

3. You will now be presented with a working area called the Canvas of the workflow.

In the canvas, you can build the workflow by creating multiple Steps and Links. These Steps and Links represent the Workflow process and must contain a Start step and at least one Finish step. There can be multiple finish steps in a workflow, for e.g. Approved and Declined. 

Steps are points or stages within the workflow process that an item progresses through until completion.

You can double-click on the canvas to create a new step. Once created, they can be organized on the canvas by dragging and dropping them. 

You can create a Link between two steps by dragging from the anchor points of one step and dropping it at the anchor points of the other. 

You can set the properties for a step by selecting it and configuring the Step Properties in the right column.

  • Title or name for the step
  • Actions are predefined tasks that run on Entry or Exit of a step (or both)The actions available are Approve, sending notifications via Activity Feed Post, Channel Post or Email
    • Select the check box for Activity Feed Post to initiate an automatic post in a user's activity feed. The recipient(s) could be the Approver(s), Submitter and/or other users if required.
    • Select Approve to automatically set an item to be approved so that users don't have to manually approve the item.
    • Select Channel Post to initiate a post to the feed of a selected #Channel.
    • Select Email to initiate a generic email to selected user(s) such as the Submitter, Manager or the User who would be approving the item.

Once you select the checkbox for Activity Feed Post, Channel Post or Email, you will see an edit link appear below the check box. Thesymbol indicates that the email or post is yet to be set up. 

You can click on the edit link to configure the post or the email body as applicable. Multiple emails or posts can be added per step.

Clicking on the Add Email/Add Post button will generate a default email or post which can then be edited to suit the workflow requirements. The email body or the posts configured in a workflow should be generic as a workflow can be used within multiple items or online forms. Users will have the ability to customize the emails and posts while adding this workflow within an online form.


  • Editing Rights control which users on the Front End can edit the item submitted or move it to a subsequent Step as it progresses through the workflow.

For the first and final steps, editing rights cannot be set up.

For any other intermediate steps, you will see the options as below and can select the check boxes as required:

Submitter - the person who submitted the item (E.g. the online form using the workflow)

Approvers - the user(s) or user group(s) who has the ability to review and approve a submission (E.g. editors and full control users to an online form using the workflow)

Manager - the user added as Manager in the Submitter's profile section in My Hub 

  • Linked Steps section displays the steps that are associated and linked to the selected step.

Links are progression points from one step to another. They can be uni-directional or bi-directional. You can create a Link between two steps by dragging from the anchor points of one step and dropping it at the anchor points of the other. 

To set the direction of the link, hover over the link and alternate between the options by clicking on the arrow icon. Click on the red cross mark to delete a link.

4. Once all the Steps and Links have been configured, click Save button on the bottom right corner of the canvas to finish the process and save the workflow. Click Exit to exit the canvas.