The Front End security for Meeting Room Booking application can be managed form the Admin.

Security allows you to define the actions that a Front End User account can perform.


Unable to view bookings

READ ONLYOnly view existing bookings

View all bookings

Create new bookings

Edit and Delete their own bookings 


View all bookings

Create and Edit bookings

Delete their own bookings


View all bookings

Create/Edit/Delete bookings


View all bookings

Create/Edit/Delete bookings

To Apply Security for Meeting Room Booking Application:

    Login to the Admin and complete the below steps.

1. Expand the Meeting Room Booking menu and select Front End Security.

(Note: For individual meeting rooms in a location, security can be set up while adding them in the application using the 'Add Room' link).

2. Add Front End Users or User groups to the list and set up the appropriate level of Security for them. Click OK or Apply to save the settings.