For users of Intranet DASHBOARD, GreenOrbit is the next evolution of the product and sees a completely redesigned front end. In this section we will introduce you to the major changes and new features of GreenOrbit as we prepare to upgrade your Intranet.

For more specific details on the 'Applications not migrated' and 'Components not migrated' please refer to these dedicated sections. 

Let's take a quick tour...

Top Toolbar

Previously in Intranet Dashboard the editing toolbar was present at the top of the page when the current user had a security level above read only, as is the case in the example below:

Now in GreenOrbit this position at the top of the screen features the "Top Toolbar" as a permanent fixture. You will find the editing tools have been embedded within the page, to make them more accessible by Content Editors and general users. Within the new Top Toolbar you will find features aimed at all users including 'Library' and/or 'Publish' links, Notifications (via the 'bell' icon) and the User Profile which has been relocated from a dedicated component in Intranet DASHBOARD. The Top Toolbar only features editing options when working on a subsite layout, as pictured below.


There is a new look to News in GreenOrbit.  A Generic News Component has been created with standard/headline/carousel display types for the frontend, replacing the individual components found in Intranet DASHBOARD.  One of the most significant changes to News, is the thumbnail list view that displays all articles within a category. 


The application previously known as MyiD has been renamed to MyHub. The features within MyHub; Profile, Activity Feed, Channels and Private Groups, are now found within the notifications are and are accessible from the Top Toolbar, as pictured below.

All of the MyHub pages can still be accessed via the tabs at the top on any of the pages; Profile, Activity Feed, Channels and Private Groups., as you can see on the redesigned Profile page layout below.


The #Channels application has been upgraded in GreenOrbit, to continue that collaborative spirit.  Moving conversations out of email chains and onto your intranet which in turns increases transparency, recognizes great work, and drives engagement.  The upgraded #Channels application in GreenOrbit features the ability to post inline image galleries.

Layout Manager and CMS

GreenOrbit's brand new Layout Manager boasts a more robust, sleek look that makes it easier to manage & updates templates. Copying layouts and pages makes it faster to generate new content.

The CMS application features an overhauled Formatted Text component that drastically improves the ease in which content can be published. The more responsible and predicated interface includes additional formatting options not previously available in Intranet DASHBOARD.

Required Read/View

The ‘Required Read/View’ feature, similar to its predecessor "Must Read", places an accountability on the user ensuring that they have not only viewed an item, but provides a confirmation step that records their acknowledgement that they have read through any required content.  The Required Read.View notifications can be found in the Notification area under the 'bell' icon, as below.

Within the Required Read/View area users can see outstanding items, with color coding based on priority, as well as the history of previous confirmations.

Intranet Analytics

The previous ‘Statistics Reporter’ application in Intranet DASHBOARD has been removed and and in it's place you'll find Intranet Analytics. This entirely new package brings industry standard tracking of user activity and content with useful, actionable information available right on the Dashboard.  

This is just a taste of things to come in GreenOrbit, we are excited to get you upgraded!

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