Your upgrade to GreenOrbit begins with a review by your nominated Consultant. Here your site will be reviewed for Content and anticipated impacts to the Visual layout of your site.

Content Review

After assessing the content on your site a list of recommendations will be provided. This tailored list will provide you with a set of actions that your Intranet team will need to complete, or acknowledge, prior to upgrade.

In order to complete the Content Review our team will require access to your Intranet. We will need access to the Frontend and Admin of the Intranet DASHBOARD software. If you are hosted on-premise, we will also require remote Web Server and Database Server access so that we can report on and extract content from your existing site.

Visual Review
Assessing your site's readiness for GreenOrbit also involves a visual inspection where your consultant will make note of expected differences to your site's presentation as it moves from Intranet DASHBOARD to GreenOrbit. Some of the recommendations can be implemented prior to upgrade, however the majority will be action items that will need to be performed post-upgrade. Your Consultant will provide assistance with making these changes as soon as the software upgrade has been completed.

Next Step

The outcome of these reviews will be documented and provided to you prior to the upgrade being scheduled. It is important that we receive your feedback and acknowledgement on your actions before we can proceed to the next step.

For more information on the changes in GreenOrbit see the next section "Introduction to GreenOrbit". You can also review applications that have been depreciated in our sections on  "Applications not migrated" and "Components not migrated".