Search Tabs

Defining Search Tabs allows for the implementation of predefined search tabs on the Front End search screen. These customized tabs include predefined filters so that a search conducted on one of these tabs will only return results from a defined set of data.  

For Example 

The tabs could be: 

  • All Sources 
  • Intranet 
  • Word Files 
  • Shared Drive eg. G:/ 
  • External Website 

Below we have outlined for you a step by step process to assist you in adding Search Tabs.

How To Add Search Tabs

Step 1 – To Add a Search Tab, select Administration > Utilities > Search from the Application Explorer, and then Search Tabs > Add Search Tab  

Step 2 – Once you have opened the up the search tab, you will now be taken through a Wizard to fill out the Details of adding a Search tab.

  • Enter the Tab Name
  • Enter a Description
  • Select the Active Check box

These details are used on the front end to describe the Tabs search functionality.

Step 3 - In this step you will set the Display settings on the results page.  There are (3) action in this step that need to be performed:

  • Number of Links to This Item
  • Display More info
  • Max Number of Sponsored Links

Step 4 - Now you want to set the Filters for the search tab to improve your returned results.

  • First Select the Filter Type
  • Second select a Filter Value associated with the Filter Type

  • Third is configuring the Filters/ Sharepoint.  This is a tab that is defined by a combination of predefined filters within the system.

Tabs can automatically apply a filter or a combination of filters to all results returned for searches conducted while the tab is selected.    


Edit Search Tab

Now that we have completed the process of adding our Search Tab, the next thing that we want to learn how to do is Edit Search Tab.

Step 1 - To Edit a Search Tab, select Administration > Utilities > Search from the Application Explorer, and then Search Tabs > Edit Search Tab. You are now presented with a Search Tab List in a data grid table.  

Step 2 - Select the Edit link next to the Tab Name you wish to edit  

Step 3 - Select the Details, Display or Filters tab to update and modify the details of the Search Tab. See the Edit Search Tab section below for more information 

Edit Search Tab: List of Tabs is Defined for Enterprise Search.