An Admin User is the account created for a person, allowing them to log into GreenOrbit Administration System in order to administrate sections of the system.

There are two types of users; Superuser or Admin User. A superuser has access to all applications within all subsites, and all of the administration options on the system.

An Admin User has restricted access to applications and different areas of the administration system which is associated and dependent on the Admin Roles that have been applied to the Admin User.

This section demonstrates how to manage the Admin Users of GreenOrbit and how you can assign different Roles to the Admin User. You can create new Admin Users, and also edit or delete existing Admin Users.

Add an Admin User

  1. To Add a new Admin User, select Administration > Expand Admin Users > Select Add Admin User from the Application Explorer.

  2. You will now be taken through a step by step Wizard to fill out the ‘Details’ of adding a new Admin User.

    Optionally enter or search for the Base User’s website identity. This functionality will import the user’s details such as Given Name, Last Name and Email Address into the proceeding steps of the Add User wizard.

    To skip this step, simply click Next

  3. Enter the Details of the Admin User:

    Given Name
    Last Name
    Email Address
    Phone Number etc and any other details you would like to enter

    Click Next to continue.

  4. Modify the user's User Name, Password and Active status as required. 

    The Is Superuser checkbox can be selected if you wish the user to be granted full access to everything within the administration. Selecting this option will bypass the need to complete the next step in the wizard (ie. Step 4. User Access).

  5. To assign Roles and determine the user access for a user, click on the Subsite or Subsite Group you would like to give the user access to, then assign the appropriate Role to the user by selecting from the Roles available within the Add/Change Role dropdown list.

    To create and assign a custom set of Admin User Groups (Custom Role) for the user, select the Custom Administrator option within the Add/Change Role dropdown list (only available at the subsite level), then using the Custom Administrator Settings, select the desired User Group(s) you wish to add the user to. Once the desired Custom Role settings have been selected, click on the Save Custom Administrator Role button to save the Role.


    Repeat either of the above processes to give the user access to multiple subsites with the same or varying Role settings.

    To remove an assigned Role, select the desired Subsite or Subsite Group and select the Remove button from the Remove Role section.

    Click on Next to continue.

  6. Select the Send notification email to new user if you wish the new Admin user to be notified that their account has been created and is ready for use.

    Click on Next to continue.

  7. Click Finish.

Admin User details can be maintained within the Administration system where you can update the personal information of the user, and modify both the level of access and areas of the system which the user should have access to.