Nav Manager

Use Nav Manager to specify which sub-sites can display and create/edit Horizontal and Vertical Nav bars. It also allows you to set which sub-sites have access to push or assign Horizontal Nav Bars to other sub-sites.

 Add Nav Permissions 

GreenOrbit now gives Administrators the ability to maintain control and governance over your intranet navigation bars. You can now control which sub-sites are to have navigation bars assigned to them, and which sub sites can create and edit navigation bars through the Nav Manager area located under the Utilities.

  1. By default, all sub sites have permission to display, add, edit and push or assign other sub sites to use shared nav bars

  2. Select Nav Manager from the Utilities menu, then select Add Nav Permissions

  3. Select which sub site(s) you would like to set permissions for by ticking the applicable Sub-site check boxes (Note: you are able to set the permissions for multiple sub sites simultaneously by selecting multiple check boxes).

    Add Nav Permissions

  4. To enable the following option, tick the applicable checkbox:

    • Create/Edit Horizontal Nav: when enabled the subsite(s) is able to Add and Edit Horizontal Nav Bars

    • Create/Edit Vertical Nav: when enabled the subsite(s) is able to Add and Edit Vertical Nav Bars

  5. Click Next to continue

  6. Review the details and click Finish to save

  Edit Nav Permissions 

Select Nav Manager from the Utilities menu, the select Edit Nav Permissions 

Click Edit for the applicable subsite