Editing Subsite Details
  1. Select the applicable subsite and expand it's application menu

  2. Select Subsite Admin from the Applicable Subsite menu

  3. Select Edit Subsite from the Subsite Admin menu

  4. A dialogue box with a series of tabs is displayed; click a tab to Edit: Subsite Details, Header Image, Administrators and Breadcrumb Bar. 

    Let's review Subsite Details 

  • The Name is displayed in the site header on the Front End of the Intranet and is a mandatory field and must be named.

  • The Subsite Group shows where the subsite is located in the Admin of the intranet. The subsite group controls certain functionality of the subsite (e.g. which applications can be used).

  • The Folder Name is where the subsite is located on the intranet (e.g. URL: http://GreenOrbit.com/subsitename).

  • The Localized Language allows you to select if you want the subsite to use the subsite-specific language or the language select within the user's browser.

  • The Language allows you to see what language the content of this subsite is in. Note: this must be directly specified, see editing a subsite

  • The Time Zone gives the following options:
    - Time zone default from config settings- the intranet system detects and uses the default time zone as indicated in the config settings
    - Auto detect each user's PC time zone - the intranet system detects and uses the time zone as indicated by each individual user's PC settings
    - Select a time zone: - manually select the applicable time zone for this subsite

  • The Status determines how the subsite appears on the intranet. If Active is selected, the subsite will be immediately accessible for front end users (Note: you must have already created a layout).

  • Tick Enable Check In/Out to allow authorized users to create and edit documents in a controlled environment. By checking out a document, it is then secured to that user for editing; once the changes have been made, it should be checked in. 

Editing the Header Image

The Header Image tab allows you only to change the Site Header Text. You cannot change the Site Header Logo at this point, as you must be a Superuser with the correct access to these features - for more information see under Administration - editing an existing subsite to change the Subsite Logo.

This is the optional text that appears next to the logo in the Site Header component of your layout. Depending on the GreenOrbit Theme in user on your site, this text may be overridden at the theme.

Enter the text and click Preview to see a preview of what it will look like. To save your changes, click OK or Apply. 

Viewing Administrators

View the list of users who are able to administrate this subsite. Note: users granted access to particular applications only is not on the list.

If you require a downloadable report instead, follow the steps on this page.

  • Super Users have access to every subsite in the intranet.
  • Site Managers have access to all
  • Group Mangers have access to all subsites
  • Site Users have access to basic (not advanced) function within a subsite.  Also, see Admin Users


GreenOrbit we will create one branded theme based on the client's branding guidelines and color specifications. This will include their intranet/brand logo, as well as applying the corporate (or otherwise specified) colors to the site’s theme. Colors flow through to various elements of the site, such as buttons and typography styles.  On this tab clients are granted the ability to switch from the brand theme that was created to a default theme or any other theme that the client may have requested by GreenOrbit to design.   

Setting Up the Breadcrumb Bar

The Breadcrumb Bar allows

  • users to easily retrace their steps
  • acts as another form of navigation
  • easily access
  • easy access to User Profile and options related to the user

Manage Permanent Breadcrumbs

You can also Manage Permanent Breacrumbs to the site. For example, if this subsite was the HR department in Australia; you may wish to create breadcrumbs Australia and Departments to appear before this subsite's HR's Breadcrumb.

 To Create a new Breadcrumb:  
- Click on Add Crumb
- Enter the Name that should be displayed
- The Link should open
- The Position from the left of screen the Breadcrumb should be

- Click Edit for the applicable Breadcrumb to modify it.

- Click Delete for the applicable  Breadcrumb to remove it.

Once all the changes have been made, click APPLY to save while remaining on the current page; click OK to save and close this page.