Audit Log is used to view the listings of all system changes. When a user modifies content, the details such as the user, time, date, entity, URL and type of modification are recorded. These changes can then be viewed in the Admin console by an Administrator with Superuser access. 

To view the Audit Log:

1. Login to the Admin interface and go to Administration > Utilities > Audit Log.

2. You can filter the logs using the options in the Display Criteria.

  • Operation Type - choose an operation or the type of modification from the drop-down list 

  • Subsite - choose a subsite to filter and view the logs for the selected site
  • Start Date and End Date - specify a date range for which the log should be displayed
  • Application - filter to view the logs for the selected application in the subsite

  • Admin - select a specific Admin user account to view changes made from that account

3. Click Submit to apply the Display Criteria and view the filtered logs.