Viewing Events in the Error Log

This section is designed to help users view events in the error log.  Below is a step by step process to access the report.

  1. Select Error Manager from the Subsite Admin menu

  2. Enter the Display Criteria for the errors you would like to view and click Submit

    By default, there is 1 Error Type that you can select from the Error Type drop-down:

    - Scripting Errors 
    are application errors; if these errors are found, please email the details to the intranet Support team

    There is an additional error type which is turned off in the system by default, however, if turned on via Config Settings, it may appear in the above drop-down list:

    Resource Not Found errors occur when users try to access a page that does not exist (e.g. has been deleted or moved) 
    Note: that Resources Not Found errors will only be listed if the Error  log Record 404 config settings are enabled and the error log contains at least on error of this type.

    You can select to view errors from a particular Subsite GroupSubsite, and/or Page Owner
    . Page Owners are set within individual applications and are either the user who added the item, or the user who has been nominated as the owner of that content

    The Include Resolved Errors checkbox allows you to select whether you would like to view errors which an administrator has already marked as Resolved

    Start Date and End Date allow you to view errors occurring within a particular time frame 

  3. Once the above Display Criteria is defined, click Submit and a list of the applicable errors will be displayed in the Error List

  4. Click Resolved for the applicable error to let other users know the error has been resolved