For adding a new Website User Group -

1. Select Website User Groups from the Website Users menu 

2. Select Add Website User Group

3. There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Select Add from Active Directory to search and select a User Group that exists in your Active Directory
  • Select Create a new group to create a new user group. By creating a new user group, you are able to specify a particular page, subsite or URL within the intranet that these users can be automatically redirected to when they login ie. a Default Path

4. Click on Next to continue

5. If Add from Active Directory is selected, you will need to search and select the required User Group Name. This can be done by:

  • Typing the name in the Group Name field and clicking on Check; or

  • By entering * into the Search field and clicking on Search. A list of all the available User Groups from your Active Directory will be displayed, click on Select next to the applicable group. Once selected, the Group Name field above will be populated

  • Click on Next to review the details and click Finish to save.

6. If Create a new group is selected, you will need to specify the name and location to which you would like the group redirected upon login. This can be done by:

  • Typing the name of the group in the Name field

  • (Optional) Select the Default Path for this Website User Group by selecting the Subsite home page from the drop-down list or; select and enter an Other path; eg. this would be a specific page within the intranet that you would like this group redirected to upon login. If setting a default path, please read the page concerning Default Path Priority settings

  • Click on Next to review the details and click Finish  to save