Setting the Default Path Priority

The Default Path Priority must be set in cases where a website user is part of more than 1 website user group which has a redirect applied (i.e. the website user group's default path is set to another than the home site). 

In this case, the page with the lower order number (or higher on the Default Path Priority page) will be the default path on the login for any users associated with the groups listed.

This page will only be populated if a website user group's default path is anything other than the home page of the site. It will show the Group Name and Default Path and can be sorted into the desired priority order.


To set the priority for a default path, follow the steps below:

1. Select Website User Groups from the Website Users menu

2. Select Default Path Priority

3. A list of the current default paths for website user groups will be displayed. To increase the priority of a default path on the Default Path Priority page, click on the up or down arrow button next to it

4. The page will refresh with each change and the default path will then be listed in its newly assigned priority.