Your GreenOrbit software subscription is licensed based on the total number of users that will have access to login to the Frontend of your Intranet.

Here we overview some definitions of terms used in relation to licensing as well as common questions:

  • Licensed Users – this determines the figure that is used when pricing a license for GreenOrbit. The total number of active users within an organization that will, at any point, be allowed to login to the Intranet. Our licensing is not charged based on active concurrent sessions.

  • Active Concurrent Sessions – this is a measure used by our licensing system to check the appropriate usage of a license. If the total number of active concurrent sessions is in excess of the total number of licensed users then a licensing exception is thrown.

  • Website User Accounts – if the total number of website user accounts in the system grows in excess of the total number of licensed users allowed then newly created website user accounts will be made inactive until the total number of website user accounts are reduced.

  • Admin User Accounts - Admin User accounts are restricted to those that administrate the different areas of the intranet; via the GreenOrbit Admin Interface. Licensing automatically reserves sessions for the no. of admin user accounts to ensure they always have access to this interface. Click here for more info about Admin Users.


To illustrate with a scenario, a client has 3,000 users in their central user management system (Active Directory, SAML IdP, or similar) and decided that only 1,000 of these users will have a requirement to log into the Intranet. Their license purchase can be for 1,000 users.

Here are some frequently asked questions about licensing:

Q. How is licensing monitored?
A. The GreenOrbit licensing system will monitor the total number of 'Website User Accounts' active in the software. If this number exceeds the user count of your license you will be unable to create new user accounts, or newly created accounts will be made inactive, until the total number of active website users falls below the user count of your license.

An additional check for active concurrent sessions is also performed. If the number of active sessions exceeds the user count of your license a licensing exception will be displayed indicating the current number of users logged into the Intranet is in excess of the licensed user count.

Active concurrent sessions will each consume a licensed user seat. A session will remain active until the browser window is closed. Multiple tabs within the same browser window will use one session, however logging in on multiple devices or multiple different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) with the same login will consume additional sessions.

Q. Our users are seeing a Licensing Error and cannot access the Intranet, what should I do?

A. The first thing you should do is to email and include a screenshot of the licensing error that is being displayed. Our support team will then investigate and confirm the best course of action

Q. What other factors can causes a license to become invalid?

A. A license file in may become invalid for other reasons not necessarily as a result of exceeding the user count. These other reasons include: 

  • The server hardware is changed. As the license file is locked to the server on which it is activated a change to server hardware may invalidate the license.
  • Trial license expiry. A trial license is only valid for a limited time (30 days by default) and once this time has passed the license will become invalid.
  • Subscription lapses. If the ongoing subscription lapses a license will become invalid.

Q: How do I check my current license

Admin users can access the Diagnostics page by adding “/admin/system/diagnostics.aspx” to the end of the Intranet URL (once logged in on the FrontEnd). Here you can find the 'Licensing' section and view the current user count as well as the expiry date.

Q. I’ve received a new license file, how do I apply it?

For instructions, see the article: Apply a License File

If you are unfamiliar with the steps for installing a new license, or have any issues, please contact

Q. Why am I being prompted to 'activate' the license? 

This can be caused by the web server not having an active internet connection to activate/validate the license with our licensing server. Please send a screenshot of your activation message to and our Support team can provide you with an activation code for manual activation.

Q. If I log into the Front-End as a Website User Account, then I log into the Admin Interface as an associated Admin User Account, how many licenses does this consume?

This will consume two licenses. Admin logins will consume additional licenses regardless of being associated with a Front-End user account.

License warnings

License Limit reached and License Threshold warnings are enabled by default and emails will be sent out to the Webmaster Email defined in that config setting. Note: all Superusers will be notified when the Limit Limit is reached.

  • Config Setting: Name License User Limit Warning Email Enabled
  • Description: Determines if an email warning will be sent if the License User limit warning threshold is reached 
  • Type: Boolean (True/False)
  • Default Value: True

You can modify the threshold level and set your own percentage of the total licensed user count being used by changing the other config setting listed below: 

  • Name: License User Limit Warning Threshold
  • Description: Determines at what fill capacity will a session pool warning be triggered
  • Type: Integer (holds a numeric value representing a percentage, ie "90" represents 90%)
  • Default Value: 90

This config setting will trigger a warning when 90% (by default) of the licensed user accounts, or active sessions, are being used. The warning will write an entry into the iD event log within the iD Admin system.