GreenOrbit allows for multiple levels of access, allowing tailored management of what users have to access to. Understanding the difference between a "Frontend User" and a "Admin User" can be a bit confusing.  Below we have provided the differences between each user to clarify their role, scope and functionality.

Frontend Users (Website Users)

A Frontend User, also known as Website User, is the account created for a person which allows them to log in to the Front End of the intranet. Frontend Users are able to view that intranet site and also be given specific permissions to make changes on the front end.

Security Levels can be assigned to Frontend Users at the Subsite, Application, Folder, Page/File level.

The available Security Levels are:

  • Deny Access
  • Read Only
  • Creator
  • Contributor
  • Editor
  • Full Control

   Read more about Security Levels

Admin Users


An Admin User is an account that is created to allow users to log in to the GreenOrbit Admin, so they can administer the different areas of the intranet that are managed via the Admin.  There are two types of users when we are talking about admins; Super User or Admin User. 

Super User: has access to all applications within all subsites, and all of the administration options on the system.

Admin User: has restricted access to subsites, application and specific areas of the administration system which is associated and dependent on the admin roles that have been applied to the Admin User.

**Note: Having an "Admin User Account" does not provide any publishing capabilities on the FrontEnd. Security must be instead applied to a Frontend User account.