• GO-to-GO upgrader - Ability to upgrade same version instance using upgrader file.
  • SAML sync – Ability to map SAML IDP attributes with GreenOrbit metadata. Currently we are supporting mapping of only single value text data mapping between GO and SAML IDP.
  • Required Read/View component- allows users to view ‘Required Reads’ setup for them or assigned by them on the site home page.
  • Search options – Ability to include/exclude Subsite application and/or entire Subsite data from search results.
  • Image Component – Added a property to open links in new browser tab.
  • Online Forms – Added a mandatory checkbox as validation to the Date Selector and Date Range Selector fields.
  • Calendar:
    1. Allows users to be able to create Events inside any calendar, having full control or editor permissions.
    2. Ability to create or move events from one calendar to another while editing the event.
  • News:
    1. Ability to add/ edit News articles from front-end site.
    2. Make edit News article a stepper form on front-end site.
    3. Ability to add a title link to a news article so that I can link external news within GO application.
    4. Ability to preview news article from front-end site.
    5. Added three tabs: Published, Scheduled and Expired, on Category page.
  • My Hub – Ability to copy link to a Post so that it can be shared as URL.
  • Mobile app – Ability to access Profile Directory.
  • Performance improvements.
  • UX improvements.


Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar:
    1. Resolved an intermittent issue where component error is being displayed after creating an event.
    2. Resolved an issue where long calendar name from ‘Filter by’ section overlaps with the calendar.
    3. Resolved an issue where clicking on ‘+n More’ link is opening the ‘Add Event’ dialog instead of navigating to the Day view.
    4. Resolved an error while loading Calendar after deleting an exception occurrence from a recurring event.
  • CMS:
    1. Resolved an issue where using ‘Save My Draft & Keep Editing’ button is taking user out of the ‘Edit’ page completely.
    2. Resolved an error, which occurs while saving a page, which has links pointing to deleted items.
    3. Resolved an error occurring on clicking ‘Submit’ button on ‘Version Control’ section.
    4. Resolved an issue where ‘Publish’ and ‘Library’ links are not being updated on partial reload of the page.
  • Layout Manager:
    1. Resolved an issue where remove link was missing next to the newly added user.
    2. Resolved an issue where cell content is not being changed while navigating through the Subsite even when cell content change check box is checked.
  • My Hub:
    1. Resolved an issue where empty component is being displayed with a horizontal scroll bar.
    2. Resolved an issue where ‘All Posts’ section shows ‘You have been @ mentioned’ notification.
    3. Resolved an issue where long text falls out of the width of component.
    4. IE - Resolved an intermittent issue where adding a comment on multi image posts were making images to fall out of the component container.
    5. Resolved an intermittent issue where ‘All Posts’ page starts showing end of the feed message without showing all of the available posts.
    6. Resolved an issue where incorrect member count is being displayed for Private Groups.
    7. Resolved an intermittent issue of resetting unread count on Private Groups.
    8. Resolved an issue where suggested hashtags or channel names disappears from the list automatically after few seconds.
    9. Resolved an issue with locale not changing when surfing from one Subsite to another.
  • Nav Editor:
    1. Resolved an issue where character code is being displayed on front end instead of the actual character added to the Nav item title.
  • Online Forms:
    1. Resolved an issue where values selected in radio button for Online Forms are not visible in the submitted form.
    2. Resolved an error occurring while submitting a form w/ and w/o file as part of the optional ‘File’ field.
  • Profile:
    1. Resolved an issue where user is unable to save drop down metadata value.
    2. Resolved an issue where an active directory user is being navigated to Profile Directory page instead of Profile page.
    3. Resolved an issue where user profile fields marked as read only are being edited in profile.
    4. Resolved an issue where Change Password button is visible for SAML user even when respective config setting is turned off.
    5. Resolved an issue where email address is being displayed on the Profile page even after turning it off from Profile Header section.
    6. Resolved an issue where Yes/No metadata values are being displayed as True/False.
  • Quick Links:
    1. Resolved an issue where newly added Quick Links are not visible on the Admin site.