Using GreenOrbit as an Extranet

GreenOrbit (GO) allows organizations to quickly and easily publish information to a web based environment to promote communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration. While this web based environment is generally only available from within an organization's internal network (unless hosted with us of course), there are occasions where an organization would like to share this information with users who are not on this network. This is what we refer to as an "Extranet". 

Examples of these users may be:

  • Staff who are working from home
  • Board members who require access to specific information
  • Clients who require access to particular resources

In order to provide access to these types of users, the GO software comes with inbuilt security mechanisms that can be configured to allow external access to some or all of an organization's intranet content.

GO Extranet Configuration Service

The GO Extranet Configuration service involves our GO Support team assisting with the configuration of your GO installation to support extranet functionality. The service includes:

  • Analysis and advice on the most appropriate security setup to support your extranet requirements
  • Configuring GO security to support your extranet requirements. This includes configuring GO's IP Based Security settings
  • Applying site level security to the particular extranet sites identified

The service does NOT include:

  • Configuration of your network and firewall to pass requests from the internet through to your GO installation
  • Registration and configuration of an internet domain or sub domain that external users can use to access your GO installation
  • SSL certificate for the extranet URL (if different to intranet URL)
  • Fine grained GO folder level security setup

These non-GO configuration steps will need to be completed by your organization's IT department.

Please reach out to to setup your Extranet configuration (*configuration fee will apply).