Copy URL FEED For Outlook Calendar  

In this article we will focus on the ability to "Copy Feed URL" for a GreenOrbit calendar, and linking it to a Microsoft Outlook calendar.  

This is a great tool for integration and to promote organizational engagement.

Below are the step by step directions along with screenshots of integrating the GreenOrbit calendar into Outlook.

Step 1.

Access the full calendar in GreenOrbit. Located in the editing toolbar you will find the following options:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Copy Feed URL
  • Delete
  • Recycle

Click on the option: "Copy Feed URL".  A popup will appear with the calendar URL.  Select "Copy to clipboard" to copy that URL.

Step 2. 

Access your Outlook. In the bottom right of your Outlook click on the calendar icon to open up your calendar.  Located in the top section of Outlook editing toolbar you will find the following options:

  • File
  •  Home 
  • Send/Receive
  • Folder
  • View
  • Add-ins

Click on the "Home" tab.  This opens up a line of calendar options. On that line of options, look for the option to "Open Calendar" (it will have a drop down arrow next to it). Click on the arrow to open the drop down list.

  • From Address Book 
  • From Room List
  • From Internet

Click on the link "From Internet".  This will create a popup requesting the Feed URL link you copied from GreenOrbit earlier.

Step 3. 

Once you have opened up the "Internet Option" a popup will appear and there you will paste in the "Feed URL" for the calendar you want to view in your Outlook. 

After pasting the code in the popup click OK. Verify again by clicking OK. Then the progress folder will appear to show events/activities being loaded into the Outlook calendar.


Once the upload of the GreenOrbit calendar is complete you will be able to see both your Outlook Calendar as well as your GreenOrbit Calendar.  

In your Outlook off to the right you will notice a new group of calendars have also been created to appear in your Outlook as well.  These new group of calendars can be displayed all at once or one at a time.