The user details from the AD are updated in iD when the user logs in, or their profile is force updated from admin, or the user profile is edited. And it is also dependent on the below two config settings in admin. So if you want to update the user's profile every day in ID automatically without Force Update please follow the below steps.

From the Admin portal please login to the iD admin > Administration > Utilities > Config settings > Search for above config settings.

1) 'Frontend Security Userdetails Check Frequency' - Default it is set to 7 days to check user details. It specifies how often each user's details are updated from Active Directory when the user logs in. So please set it to 0 to update on every login.

2) 'Frontend Security Persistent User Cookie Days' - Default it is set to 30 days, so for 30 days login session is saved in cookies. Set it to 1 so that the cookie will clear in every 1 day and it will ask users to login instead of automatically logged in.

Once you update these two settings the user details will be checked and sync every day with AD when the user logs in.

Please let us know if you need any further clarification.