The theme file is provided to on-premise clients to apply after a software upgrade. To apply the theme file, you will need access to the web server where GreenOrbit is hosted.

  1. Locate the \wwwroot directory on the webserver
  2. Then browse to \wwwroot\includes\scripts\build\themes which is the directory where the theme files are located
  3. By default, there should be a GetGoing theme folder in here unless it has been removed.
  4. In this example, our theme folder is called Eddie. Paste the theme folder (unzipped) that you received from GreenOrbit into this location.
  5. Browse into your theme folder to ensure that it contains the following three files:
    1. iD.client folder
    2. node_modules folder
    3. theme.randomstring CSS file

**NOTE these 3 files will need to be one level down from the \themes directory. If there is an additional folder between, please cut the 3 files and paste into the level above. (So the address path should be \wwwroot\includes\scripts\build\themes\Eddie)

       6. If there is an existing theme folder with the same name, replace it.

Now the theme file has been added to the server. To test that it has applied correctly, log into your Intranet to ensure your theme colors are correct. To validate this again, browse to the /admin interface and navigate to utilities > config settings then search for default theme path. This should be set to your theme name.

For any issues when applying your theme, please contact