The features below walkthrough the major enhancements to functionality released in the 2.3 version of GreenOrbit. 

For the full release notes see here 2.3 release notes


News Approval Workflow

News articles can now be approved from the Front End by users with Full Control Access. This wasn’t the case earlier, where only admins of the site could approve news articles via the Administration console of the Intranet.

Full control users will receive an email informing them that they have an article to approve, example below

A list of articles to approve is also available from within the “My Content” area in the Top Toolbar as shown below:

Clicking on “News” here will present the Full Control users with the list of news articles awaiting approval (if any).

Clicking on the email link or the link in the 'requires approval' area allows full control users to 

  • Make changes and approve
  • Approve without any amendments
  • Return to the submitter requesting changes
  • Delete the article

Please note by selecting the article from the 'requires approval' area you'll need to select edit or delete first before progressing. You do not get these options from the email link

Once approved the article goes live and the submitter will get an email

Comments and Posts in Channel Component 

When using the Channel Component, you are now able to comment directly and like the post from within the component

Auto save - Pages & Layouts

If the editor exits unexpectedly, while you are making edits to layouts and CMS pages, the changes made prior to the exit do not get lost. By clicking edit again It gives you the option to 

  1. Restore back the unsaved changes 
  2. To start fresh by clicking 'Discard'

Online Forms - Filter Using Date Range Selector

Online form submissions can now be viewed in the front end using the date range filter, i.e., selecting a particular date range would display the submissions made only during that interval. This is very helpful in cases of forms with vast number of submissions that have an approval process assigned against them. The export reflects the dates selected 

Number of Posts for Channel/Activity Feed Component

You can now select any number from 1 to 10 in the drop down by editing the component, once saved that number will be displayed