This feature enables the mapping of a network drive on your Windows PC to a CMS folder within your GreenOrbit site. This enables the easy, bulk upload of files and folders from the PC to the mapped folder on the Intranet. 

Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Click on the Share button to map the selected folder.

  2. Create a new access key or use an existing one.

  3. Click on the access key to see connection details.

  4. Refer to the onscreen instructions and copy the command ready to paste it into a command prompt screen, as outlined in the next step. Note the details displayed within your site will be different to those shown below:

  5. Open a Command Prompt windows in Windows by pressing the Windows Key + R -> then type "cmd" and press enter. Paste in the command from above and press enter. When prompted, you'll need to enter the password separately:

  6. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Explorer interface to add the network location.

    Open Windows Explorer (Windows 10) and navigate to "This PC". Then right-click in the window and select "Add a network location"

  7. Enter the folder URL from step 4 above.

  8. Enter the username and password, also from step 4 above.

That’s it. Now the folder should appear in your Windows Explorer as a Mapped Network Drive, using the drive letter you specified. 

You can copy new items into that folder to upload them. They new items will appear immediately in the Intranet folder. Similarly you can view, replace or delete items as required.

Granting access to Access Key generation

Access to the ability to create access keys, and therefore map network drives, can be controlled via a Config Setting. 

Go to Admin → Utilities →  Config settings → Front End Customization → Setting to show/hide map as a network drive and configure it as required.