What is it?

The My Read/View List component allows users to view the content that has Required Read/View set up against it.  Clicking on the 'View All' button from within the component takes users to the My Read/ View List page where they can see the list of all items pending confirmation after reading and/or viewing, as well as the ones confirmed having read/viewed. Here the users with the security to assign Must Read can also see the list of all items assigned by them for other users to read/view.

When do I use it?

By including the Must Read component within site layouts, your users are able to have an instant access to the number of files and docs, etc., that needs their attention and/or action. The component will display different data for different users, depending upon their access, hence it's highly customized and effective.

To add the Required Read/View component to a site layout

Note: you need to have a Security level of Contributor or higher in order to edit a layout

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to add the Profile Directory. 
  2. From the top toolbar select Edit > Live and then select Components. 
  3. From the Add Components list, click My Read/View List from under Applications and drag to the required location on your layout. 

Set Properties for the Required Read/View component

You can edit the spacing around the Required Read/View component to change how it looks in your layout. 

  1. In the layout, click the Profile Directory component, the properties are displayed on the left. 
  2. Click the Edit button. 
  3. Give the component a heading (this is optional)
  4. Increase or decrease padding as required. 
  5. Click Save.

Note: The Required Read/View functionality is available within the CMS application for files and pages. To learn more, please click here.