The Online form submissions can be viewed in the Front End by Editors and Full Control users.

How to view submissions:

To view online form submissions, you will first need to access the desired form in the Front end, either by using the URL of the form, or through any other way the form is set up for users to view and submit.

Once in the form page, you will see the title of the form, description, the form details, etc. Here you will find the option to View Submissions that will also display against it the total number of submissions made to the form.

Clicking on View Submissions will take users to the page containing the list of all submissions, also providing the option to use the date range filter to filter submissions. Each submission also displays the name of the submitter, the date and the time when the form was submitted, as well as the current status of the form.

Submissions can also be deleted from here by selecting the desired one from the list, and clicking on Delete.

Using the Date Range filter:

Selecting a particular date range would display the submissions made only during that interval. This is very helpful in cases of forms with vast number of submissions that have an approval process assigned against them. Should there be no submissions made within the selected interval, no result shall be returned.

Exporting the Report:

The submissions (either filtered or all) can be exported in two formats namely CSV and JSON.

In the CSV format, the results will open up in a an excel sheet displaying the details of the form as well as the form fields. This can be viewed and a personal copy can be saved.