This page explains how different security levels work in the My Hub application.

Security can be applied at the application level (i.e., inherited by #Channels by default), and you also have the ability to change security settings for the #Channel functionality.

Below are the levels of security full explained for Profiles, Activity Feeds & Private Groups in all subsites.

Deny Access:

Cannot access My Hub or any of its features including Profiles, Activity Feed, #Channels or Private Groups.

Read Only & above (Creators, Contributors and Editors): 

Can add posts, edit their own profile and posts, and also create Private Groups.


Full Control: 

Can delete any post, and also view and manage all Private Groups.

Below are the levels of security explained for #Channels in all subsites.


Deny Access:

Cannot access #Channels or use #Channels when adding other content/posts.

Read Only & higher level users:

Can add posts in #Channels, edit their own #Channel posts, and use existing #Channels when adding other content/posts.

Creators and Contributors:

Can create/edit/delete their own #Channels.


Can create/edit/delete any #Channels.

Full Control users:

Can create/edit/delete/undelete #Channels and also delete any post in #Channels.


Setting Security for My Hub:

Security for the My Hub application needs to be set from the Administration following the steps below:

  • Login to the Admin
  • Go to Applications > subsite > My Hub
  • Click on Front End Security
  • Select the users / groups from the list 
  • Select one of the six different security levels from the drop-down
  • Click OK to Save changes

This is where you set up Security for the My Hub application that will then be inherited down by #Channels.

In order to set up Security individually for Channels, go to Front End Security for #Channels and follow the same steps.