GreenOrbit provides various methods for reusing content through your Intranet. When you have a need to place the same content on many pages, or provide a link to the same content across many pages, one of the following techniques will be best practice.


Applications designed for content reuse

A number of the built-in applications are designed specifically for reusing and referencing content. These include:

By creating content within the application, you can use the associated component multiple times and connect it to a single source of content. Use of these applications and components is not detailed here. Please refer to the page dedicated to each of the above applications for more details.

Adding content into Layouts, to appear on all pages within a subsite

The simplest method of reusing content is to place content within the layout of a subsite. Content added within a cell that is not marked to change while navigating through the subsite, will then appear on every page within that subsite. 

Below is an example Subsite Template with the areas highlighted in red being those where content will remain the same no matter the page I am viewing within the subsite.

Within an associated Layout we can see the content that will remain in place across all pages within this subsite:

Tip: The background of the cell will be a solid grey color to indicate content that will remain, and a diagonal stiped pattern for content that will only be shown within this layout (homepage)

Embedding content from a source CMS page to appear in many places

The CMS page component allows you to insert the contents of a CMS page into another Layout or CMS Page. It creates a reference to the original source of content, meaning that when the original content is updated it is reflected across all other locations.

As the original source CMS Page can have security set on it, it's also a way of showing content within a page only to selected users, or groups, no matter what security is set on the target page or layout. 

To use the CMS Page component, begin by creating your source CMS page. 

  1. Select, or create a new, folder for your CMS page to reside in, and create a new page.

    In this example I am creating a page with the contact information for an IT Helpdesk that I want to add in different locations across the Intranet. I have used a CMS Template with only one cell as I intend to only use a single component. 

    Tip: Choose an appropriate template for your content as when you embed the CMS page the entire page will be displayed, even cells with no content.

  2. Add the content to your CMS page and save when completed.

  3. Now, find your target layout or page and 'Edit'. You can then add the CMS Page Component, under the Site Framework category.

  4. When editing the CMS Page Component the properties enable you to browse your Intranet structure and locate the folder and then CMS Page you have created:

  5. Once saved, your page, or layout, will feature the content from the CMS page:

  6. Save your page, or layout, and the content within your new CMS Page component will update on this, as well as all others you add the same content to, any time the source content is modified.