A subsite is a specific site within GreenOrbit that can be customized to suit the needs of a particular group of people, department or region.

Each subsite can be given a different layout and may have access to only certain applications or have access to information restricted for specific users.

Security allows you to restrict which Frontend Users can view content and information within the subsite.

To apply Security for a subsite you will need to have Superuser access permissions to The Admin and follow the steps below:

  1. Select Subsites from the System Admin menu,

  2. Select Edit Subsite

  3. Click the Edit link for the applicable subsite

  4. Click the Security tab

  5. Here you can see the Add user process. We are adding the user 'Richardson, Alice' and setting the security that this user will have on the Home Subsite.

  6. Once we have added our Frontend User (in this case "Richardson, Alice") to the list, we can use the Change Security Level option to set the desired security level for this user, which will be applied by default across the whole subsite.
  7.  Once the security has been changed, the new Security Level is indicated against that user. Ensure that you click OK or Apply to save your changes