An important feature within GreenOrbit is the Recycle Bin. Although this can be found in many of the GreenOrbit applications, it is in the CMS that it is often the most helpful.

Sometimes you might find that you have mistakenly deleted files, or entire folders. If this happens the first place to go to access previously deleted content is the Recycle Bin. You'll find it located within all folders of the CMS.

  1. Simply navigate to the 'parent' folder of where you were working and click the 'Recycle Bin' button.

  2. You'll be presented with the list of all previously deleted content from within this folder. Select the folder, or file(s), that had been deleted and then click 'Restore'.

  3. Once complete you'll be returned back to the CMS folder view and your deleted files will have been reinstated. Note links you had to any deleted content will also be restored once the folder/file has been recovered.