You can add video to your Layouts (homepage) or to an CMS page, so that video can be played directly to users as they are viewing that page. You can also use GreenOrbit as a repository to store videos as files within a CMS folder, for example as a media resource library. 

Here we'll show how to achieve both scenarios:

Adding Video to a Layout or CMS Page

Formatted Text Component

When editing a Layout or CMS page the Formatted Text component includes a 'video' icon:

This gives you three options for the source of your video:

  • By URL
    Here you can simply copy and paste a link to a hosted video, such as on YouTube:

  • Embedded Code
    This option allows you to paste in embed code provided by the external video provider:

  • Upload Video
    If you prefer to upload the video file directly from your PC to be stored within the Intranet, you can select a local file by dragging it into the upload area or click to browse your local file system:

HTML Component

In the case of using embed code, the HTML Component can be used as an alternate to Formatted Text. This is recommended for Advanced users that prefer to have additional control over how the embed code is formatted.

As a result you will then see your embedded, or uploaded, video displayed inline with the other content on the page:

Adding Video to a CMS folder

Within an existing CMS folder, or perhaps a new Folder, you can upload and store your video files.

Here we see the CMS Folder view that will display within the 'Tile View' when it detects that the folder contains video (or image) files.

Adding video files

Using the 'Add' menu item you can choose 'Add Files' to upload videos from your local PC file system. You can also simply drag files from your local filesystem into the folder and drop them to initiate the file upload process.