A new installation of GreenOrbit includes a temporary license. In order to continue using the software a full license will need to be issued and applied soon after the install. Once you have completed a new installation of GreenOrbit you will need to request a full license file.

Additionally, when your GreenOrbit subscription renews a new license file may need to be issued to you. 

In both of these cases, follow the process below to apply a new license file to your Installation of GreenOrbit.

To install the license

  1. You will be issued a file that will be named "core.lic". It may be provided to you via a support ticket, or as an email attachment.

  2. Download the core.lic file to the web server.
  3. Locate your GreenOrbit installation directory on your Web Server, and navigate to the "\wwwroot\bin\ folder. i.e. <installation path>\wwwroot\bin\

  4. Update the contents of the existing Core.Lic file with the contents of the newly provided Core.lic file.

  5. Load the intranet site to confirm that the license has been applied correctly. If prompted, follow the instructions on the Front End to activate the license.

  6. You can verify the new license by adding "/admin/system/diagnostics.aspx" to the end of your Intranet URL (once logged in) which will load the Diagnostics page with more license information.

Please Note: Old, and expired, license files should be deleted from the "\wwwroot\bin" folder as they can cause issues if they are only renamed (e.g. expiry.lic, core.lic2) and remain in the folder.

If you have any issues after applying the new license, please email support@greenorbit.com for assistance.

Manual Activation (if required)

In the event that the auto-activation does not succeed a manual activation will be required. You will need to contact support@greenorbit.com and request a manual activation key.