The features below walkthrough the major enhancements to functionality released in the 2.4.x version of GreenOrbit. For the full release notes see here 2.4.4.release notes


A new display format has been added to News Carousels.

In this format, carousel will display thumbnails of multiple news articles. The users could then click on one of the cards to view the corresponding article or use arrows to navigate back and forth to view the other cards in the component.

The print option in browser works differently for pages. In the earlier versions, it used to capture the whole layout including the site header, navigation and other static areas along with the contents of the page. 

Now it prints out only the contents of the page i.e. the Main Content Area or the Application Area instead.

Ability to hide Author on News Articles

There is a new Config setting that will allow the name of authors to be turned off for News articles.

The default value of the Config setting will be 'False'. Admins can edit the setting and set it to 'True' in order to hide the article author in the front end.

Unread indicator for Channel posts

The method for marking a Channel post, or comment, as "read" has been updated. As a result users could see an increased count of unread Channel posts or comments in their notification menu.

In order for a post, or comment, to be marked as read the user will need to view it for a few seconds. They will see the unread indicator/marker (the vertical line next to the post) disappear confirming that the user has read that post, or comment.  

This feature has been added to avoid posts being marked as read too quickly, before the user has had a chance to read them. 

Note: Some unread posts could be hidden among previous comments added to posts. You may need to expand all previous comments to find unread comments, if you notice that your Channels unread count does not clear even though you believe you have read all Channels posts and comments..

Notifications for My Content

An unread items count is now shown within the "My Content" section of "bell" icon notifications menu. 

For the current user, if there are content items including; 

  • CMS Files, 
  • CMS Pages, 
  • Online Forms or 
  • Calendar Events 

that require approval by someone with the same security level as the current user, that user will have an unread notification.

Only once that item has been approved and reached a final stage, for example in an Online Form workflow, the notification will be cleared.

Calendar component displays all calendar view variations

Earlier, in the Full Calendar view, there were only three display formats available for the users to choose from.

In the new version, all of the display formats are available in a dropdown allowing users to choose any format or switch easily from one view to the other when accessing Full Calendar.

In the new version, a user will be able to go up one level in the CMS folder hierarchy from the Context Menu without having to rely on the Breadcrumb bar to navigate.

Image below shows the folder view in the earlier versions:


  Image below shows the folder view in version 2.4.4:

The Intranet analytics Dashboard will now be able to track or record the video links or links that open the files without downloading. It will also be able to track the view of a video file which are embedded in a Page, for example, within a Formatted Text.