This page explains how different security levels work in the News application.

Security can be applied at the subsite level (i.e., inherited by the News application by default), Security can be applied for the News application that would then get inherited by News categories, and you also have the ability to change security settings for News categories that would then control who can and cannot view / create news articles within the specific category.

Below are the levels of security explained for News Category :

Deny Access:

Users denied access cannot view news articles within the category.

Read Only:

Users can only view news articles, they cannot create new ones.

Creators and Contributors:

Can view news, and also submit news articles that would then need to be approved by users with appropriate access before it gets published on to the site.


Can view news articles and can also create new news articles that gets immediately displayed within the category, no approval required. They can also edit news articles created by other users.


Full Control: 

Users with Full Control access can view / edit / create / delete news articles, and can also approve news articles submitted by users with Creator and Contributor access.

Note: To learn more about how approval works, please click here

Full Control users can also manage security in the Front End, for all users.

  • Login to the Front End
  • Access the News application for the selected subsite 
  • Click on Manage Security
  • Add the users / user groups and assign one of the six different security levels from the drop-down
  • Click Save to save the changes