Security for Online forms works slightly differently as compared to other applications in GreenOrbit.

This page explains how different security levels work in the Online forms application.

Security applied at the subsite level gets inherited down to the online forms application by default, however you also have the ability to change security settings for a folder within online forms applications, as well as for individual forms.

Below are the levels of security explained for Online in the Front End.

Deny Access:

Users denied access cannot view forms in the Front end.

Read Only:

All the users with Read Only Access and above can make submissions to online forms n the Front End.

Creators and Contributors:

Can view forms and make necessary submissions, same as users with Read Only access.

Editors and Full Control users:

Can view forms in the front end and make submissions.  Users with Editor and Full Control access can approve form submissions made by users. In order to be able to review and process a form submission through the different stages of workflow, users need to be given Editor / Full Control access.

Editors and Full Control users can also view all submissions made to an online form as explained here

Setting Security for Online forms via Admin:

Security for the Online form application can be set from the Administration following the steps below:

  • Login to the Admin
  • Go to Applications > subsite > Online forms
  • Click on Manage forms
  • Select the folder > go to the Security tab
  • Add users to the list here
  • Select one of the six different security levels from the drop-down
  • Click OK to Save changes

Note: The same process can be followed to apply Security against specific online forms.