This page explains how different security levels work in the CMS application.

Security inherited from the subsite level can be overridden at the folder level within CMS on the Front end of the intranet.

Below are the levels of security explained for CMS in the Front End.

Deny Access:

Access is denied to the CMS application.

Read Only:

Users with Read Only access can view content (pages / documents) within the CMS application.

Creators and Contributors:

Can access the CMS application in the front end, view folders, and create / edit content (for example, pages and documents) but these users can only delete content created by them.

Content created / edited by these users will need to be approved by the users with appropriate access.

Creators cannot change the site structure, that is, they cannot add a new folder within CMS.


Can create / edit / delete content (pages / documents) and the content is automatically approved.

Can edit the site structure, that is, create new folders.


Full Control: 

Users with Full Control access have all the rights as that of the Editors. These users can approve content created by Creators and Contributors.

Full Control users can set security for other users via the Front end following the steps below:

  • Login to the Front End
  • Access the CMS application for the selected subsite by clicking on to ether the Publish or Library links
  • Click on Edit Properties
  • Add the users / user groups and assign one of the six different security levels from the drop-down
  • Click Save to save the changes

Similarly, Security can be applied against CMS Folders by following the same process above.