Bugs Fixed

My Content Counters are slow to load in sites with a large number of subsites


Cannot Load Office Documents - Blocked by CSP


Error when exporting Online Form submissions


Approver is getting an error while approving CMS page submitted by creator


Unsubscribe button not working from content notifications settings page


Workflow email template replicates each time the workflow step is opened for editing

GO 2.4.2 Known Issues

Date/Time Selector has incorrect validation when setting an end date to the next day after initially selecting an all day event

Password Reset link for new users is not updating password

Page with in excess of 300 links loads slowly

Links to forms in workflow email triggering login request

Link in Quicklinks to file download, downloads 2 files instead of 1

Expired articles appearing in search results

Cannot migrate page due to duplicate cell ID (iD to GO upgrader)

Calendar component is not showing correct day after picking the date from the Date Selector

Admin “Logged in suers” does not always display the correct count

Folder redirector does not redirect unless “Process Folder Redirects First” setting is set to “true”

Frontend Security Single Signin setting allows more than one session

When a news article is created linking to an existing CMS page, the email notification link will navigate directly to the news article, not the CMS page

SAML user does not login automatically via SAML into Admin

Search index performance is impacted by extensive exclusion lists

CMS Gallery component not displaying images when Image file extension is not in the Title

Horizontal line in Formatted Text is limited to 688px

Quick Links in dropdown view do not open files in Safari browser

Issue opening files directly uploaded to formatted text after upgrade

404 error displayed if linking to Anchor on the same page

The pin for the News article does not expire on expiry date

Event shown in wrong time slot when subsite timezone and browser timezone are not the same

Metadata field filters in Profile Directory not filtering  

Online Forms: when radio button fields have space and special characters, then their value does not get populated in Submissions

Quick Links in MyHub application doesn’t show when Link Security Enabled

Email Notifications for Installations with over 5000 users causing server load

Unable to Add Image / Upload files for News items linked from Another Subsite

Admin Site does not accept News link URL containing :f:

WebDav mapping fails for website users after password change

Search partial match not working when Search Term wildcard setting “Automatically add wildcards to start and end” is enabled

Online Form names do not allow < and > characters

Server cannot append header after HTTP headers have been sent

LastRun Date for Search Indexer doesn’t update