New Features

Added multiple cards view to News Carousel display mode 


Print friendly format for CMS pages


Ability to hide Author on News articles


Ability to display thumbnail images of all aspects in the 4:3 aspect ratio in News component


Calendar component displays all calendar view variations


Localisation of Formatted Text 


Navigate up on level in the CMS hierarchy


Create event inside any calendar which user has Creator and above access to


Track outlines/URLs/external links through Intranet Analytics


Usability Improvements

Activity Feed – Unread posts improvements


Renamed all menu and grid actions for better readability 


WCAG: Improved accessibility of links/menu items using click handlers


WCAG: Made ColourPicker keyboard accessible


WCAG 3.2.2: Applied aria-label to links that open in a new tab


WCAG 1.3.1: Link FieldHelperText with form field using id and aira-describedby attribute 


WCAG 2.4.4: Provide accessible label for links that lack content


WCAG 3.3.2: Contain default date format for Date Time Picker


WCAG 3.1.1: Add lang attribute to <html> element according to admin language setting


WCAG 2.1.1: Make popovers keyboard accessible


WCAG: 4.1.2: Research/Implement Froala editor accessibility


Image component – Alt Tag Property


DataGrid Pagination improvements 


Set logo within theme for all subsites that the theme has been applied 


Improve Forms Login Page responsive behaviour


Security Updates

Includes security updates

Bugs Fixed in V2.4.0 

Online Forms email – File Field – Download link 404


Online Forms – Read Only field content doesn’t appear in email notification


Form Submissions with LDAP givenname showing current user and not LDAP value 


Link of Attachment of any image or file not showing in the submitted form email notification 


Disable auto insertion of http:/ in Formatted Text due to Froala Editor


Event shows out of order in Calendar when format is Basic Day

Disabling Activity Feed and Private Groups - still shows when Notification Summary Emails are sent 


PDF files not opening in collapsible heading section 


Body of News not searchable


Cannot exclude URLs from Search with Special Characters 


Online Forms Date Selector issue – time is not appearing in email notification


Addressed Performance issues with Required Read 


Restore previous session pop ups inconsistent 


DateTimePicker text input 


Required Read alerts, but no actual outstanding read/views


XSS vulnerability addressed


GO Intranet Analytics – page overly not working 


Full Calendar slow to load 


Config Setting – Permanent Delete 


Online Forms Workflow appearing blank and not saving content 


The Search Scope is not persistent for repeated search 


Images added to posts in Channels, Activity Feed or Private Groups do not display in correct orientation


Default path redirect URL only works when path is set on users, not groups


Horizontal Nav blank space issue on right side when more items are used 


Profile Images break for AD users that have hyphen in their name


News category thumbnail breaks with .png and Ampersand in name 


News Headline ellipsis issues on mobile devices 


Channel component error when Activity Feed is disabled 


Meeting Room Hyperlink breaks


Using metadata as Search Filters is combining options into single value 


Enterprise Search does not handle Ampersand symbol


Search duplicate results 


Fix Calendar Filters width when changing page zoom 


Re-submitting same search keywords clears all text 


Hide view and edit profile option for users that are denied access to MyHub


Site Calendar component slow load time 


Navigation on the front end not working as expected 


Notifications for My Content related pages 


Default Template not working 


Unable to approve / decline online form with empty required fields 


My Content count performance issue


Cannot load Office documents – blocked by CSP


Workflow not sending email 


Search Index is stopping on files that cannot be indexed


Error exporting Online Form submissions


Approve is getting an error while approve CMS page submitted by creator


Unsubscribe button not working from content notifications settings page 


Online Form workflow emails multiplying 


Form submission error when subsite security is conflicting


New indexes in GO databases