An often asked question is how to change the logo that is found in the top "Site Header" component. While this component is placed at the top of the page on the Frontend, the logo image itself needs to be added/replaced via the Admin area.

Follow these steps to replace your existing Site Header logo:

  1. Log into the Admin area of your site by appending "/admin" to the end of your Intranet URL. You will need to login with an Admin User account that has 'SuperUser' privileges.

  2. Select 'Edit Subsite' from the Subsites menu:

  3.  Click 'Edit' next to the subsite that you wish to change the logo for.

    Note: the Site Header logo is unique to each subsite. If the logo needs to be updated across many, or all, subsites you will need to upload the new logo to each subsite individually.

  4. Click the 'Header Image' tab and you'll see the 'Site Image Logo' section. This displays the current logo.

  5. To upload a new logo, click on 'Choose File' to locate the image file and click on 'Upload New'.

    Once uploaded successfully, the preview image of the site header will be updated to show your new logo.

  6. Click on 'OK' to save your changes. The logo will now be updated on the Frontend for the subsite you have just added it to.

To update across other subsites repeat steps 3 - 6 for each subsite.