The Search Component can be added into any Layout or CMS page. This provides an opportunity to create custom filtered Search Boxes that return results from specific subsets of content.


Below are some examples of how filters can be constructed by the user:

  • Scenario: Results from only with the News Application, from all subsites (that the user has permissions to view)
    • [Application:News]

  • Scenario: Results from the News application, but only within the Home subsite
    • [Application: News][Subsite: Home]

  • Scenario: PDF files that reside in a CMS folder within the Home subsite
    • [Subsite:Home][FileType:.jpg]

Here is an example of a more advanced filter, that uses boolean operations explained further down on this page:

  • Scenario: Results from the CMS application within a subsite named Employee Resources that are either a PDF file or Word document.
    • [Subsite:"Employee Resources"][Application:"CMS"][filetype:{.pdf .docx}]

Boolean and Wildcard Searches

Users are able to search by entering search terms into the Front End Search Box. The search will return matching results for:

  • Exact matches for a single word
  • Exact matches on more than one word. Where more than one word is entered in the Search Box, the Boolean AND operator is used i.e. all single words entered into the Search Box need to appear in an item for it to be returned
  • Exact phrase searches. To complete a phrase search the user must enclose the search string in double quotes (e.g. “Emergency Procedure”)
  • OR Match where the search string is enclosed within curly braces (e.g. {Emergency Procedure}). This will return results with any of the search terms that are contained within the curly braces.
  • Wildcard searches. Using an asterisk (*) at the beginning/end or in the middle of your search term and the search will find many variations of the term you are searching.