By default the execution of scripts within the HTML component is restricted. In order to allow certain behaviors for scripts running within GreenOrbit you may need to add elements to the "iFrame Sandbox Value" configuration setting.

The steps you can follow to confirm whether additional attributes are required to allow your particualr script to execute are:

  • Add your HTML component into your page/layout.
  • Insert your Script/HTML block into the HTML component
  • Save Page/Layout and refresh the browser
  • Open your browser console, typically by pressing F12
  • You can then look for the allow attribute mentioned within a Console error beginning with "Blocked script execution", 

In the case below within the screenshot you can see the allow attribute required is “allow-scripts”, which will be the most common:



Now that you can see the permission that needs to be granted for your script you can add it to the configuration settings within the Admin.

Once logged into the Admin:

  • Go to Administration - > Utilities -> Config Setting
  • Find the config setting “iFrame sandbox value”
  • Add allow attribute to the config setting

Note: Multiple allow attributes can be included by adding a space in between each permission:


The Follow “allow” attributes can be added to this config setting:


Important Notes:

  • For security best practice it is strongly advised to only add the allow attributes that are specifically blocking the script execution in HTML component.